The 3 Futures

Assumptions: As the war rages between Ukraine and Russia the world has never been closer to a nuclear war. Russian leadership has failed the Russian people by choosing this path of destruction for Russia’s own expansionist aims. Let’s be clear, first and foremost the war between Ukraine and Russia is a European war. The NATO and PRO-NATO countries are already involved in this war. Russian leadership sees you as active combatants for aiding their enemy. It will only be a matter of time before Russian special forces repeat the Ukraine playbook by invading and fomenting dissent and rebellion in your country. Russia has justified the shelling and killing of civilians because President Zelensky had called for his people to defend themselves, a RIGHT, they already possess. That alone was enough for the Russian madman and his generals to commit war crimes against a civilian population. Second, since 1900 every European war, eventually involves the United States, and this one will be no different.

Bias: It is better to die free, than to live in the yoke of oppression. In other words, better dead than red. Please keep reading to learn more about Ukraine and the 3 futures.

Future one – Ukraine, after a protracted amount of suffering and bloodshed will be relegated to a defeated country and third world status. Russian Nationalistic views will persecute those of Ukraine heritage. One by one other European countries will give up their sovereignty so that they do not suffer the same fate. Russia will further weaponize oil, natural gas, and electricity to make sure the populations do not rebel, and the puppet governments do what they are told. Eventually, the United Kingdom will stand alone. It will be a bright shiny jewel, begging to be conquered. A prize that no one has had, not even the Roman Empire. During this time the United States continues their self-destructive behaviors, they continue to build dangerous partnerships with Iran, Russia, and China. The United States will continue to supply humanitarian relief to war torn countries, but our policies will be designed to not confront the bully. Everyone will stop wondering what the Russians and Chinese paid Biden’s for.

Future two – The leaders in Europe collectively pull their heads out. They immediately ban together and economically isolate Russia. Yes, this would mean shutting down all pipelines and oil from Russia. They militarily enforce a no-fly zone over Ukraine and militarily enforce a marine blockade of Russian ports that are not part of the Russian Mainland. Can Russia respond with Nuclear War, yes, but only future one involves zero risk of nuclear war. A European led collective response is not the same as a NATO led response. Future two does not involve any US forces in Ukraine, Russia, or the air space over them. This allows Europe to counter the Russian madness, eliminate as much Ukrainian suffering as possible, as fast as possible, and bring Russia back within its borders. Make no mistake, ALL of Europe will suffer from the economic effects of shutting down Russian gas and oil. This is the price that they must pay now, for the policies of the past that have enabled Russia to engage in such madness.

The United States should also ban all Russian Oil and Freeze all payments owed to the Russian State until Russia pulls back to its own borders. The frozen payments can then be turned over to Ukraine to help rebuild. The United States should pause all programs and treaties that offer an economic benefit to Russia. The United States should make it Loud and Clear that any attack on the soil of a NATO country will trigger an article 5 response. Further that the United States is wholly committed to MAD in the event of the use of a nuclear weapon. This is a future that gives the best chance to bring Russia to the negotiating table.

Future three – After continued missteps by the completely amateur hour current United States Administration and our European partners the unlucky will see bright flashes and mushroom clouds. The human suffering that the world wished to avoid in future two, and would endure in future one, will be multiplied by an unimaginable amount in this future.

May God help and protect all of us. – Joseph Fridlington, Candidate Kansas 2nd Congressional District

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