Why Europe must act now for defense

A quick google search shows that the Russian Federation (Formed 1991) has been fighting ground wars approximately 31 out of the 33 years of its existence (List of Wars). Yet Europe continued to build and rely on economic ties with this bad acting state. Perhaps they thought their membership in NATO would save them from a Russian invasion. Maybe the thought process was more in line with the notion that Russia (USSR) was defeated once by the United States, and if it ever started recovering it’s strength and size, the US would defeat it again.  Europe was free to suck up the cheap Natural Gas from Russia, and not develop or invest in other supplies for their energy and heating needs. After all, Russia was broke and they would supply as much natural gas and oil as possible at the price Europe decided they would pay.

While Europe has been self absorbed in purging itself of anything that did not appear green, the World changed. Europe failed to account for the simple truth that the United States can’t win another Cold War AND we can’t win another European Ground War. Europe is on it’s own. Sure, the US has first strike capabilities and the best fighting Men and Women in the world, but we could not win a sustained conventional war in Europe (NOTE – No One wins a Nuclear War).  This premise has nothing to do with our incompetent Biden Administration that we have now, although it definitely is not helping the situation.

At the start of the second quarter of 2021 China showed the world a glaring problem in the way the world economies worked. As countries closed borders and asked people to stay home, we quickly found store shelves running bare of durable goods, tools, metal fasteners, plastic items, along with a host of other goods that contained circuit boards. We found that China made most things, and controlled the production of most things. If that was not bad news already, we consumers soon learned China also controls the production of raw materials that go into those goods that we rely on.

The reason Europe must act now for it’s defense is that the United States no longer posses the ability to produce the raw materials in quantities that would be needed for a sustained war. We lack the manufacturing capability to build the machines of war on the scale needed. We lack the talent of those who know how to manufacture a quality product at the scale that would be needed. Because of US Energy Policy, we lack the ability on the coasts to power the factories that would be needed for a long term European war. Right now, Europe needs to be responsible for Europe. Since 1991 they have failed to address the Russian issue, and their decisions are now threatening the world with war. There is no US Manufacturing might that can be the savior of Europe like it did for WW II.

The United States

  • Must be able to be a net Exporter of Oil. Our policies must be changed NOW so that we can work on achieving this before the infrastructure rusts away from lack of use.
  • Must change our Energy Policy to once again allow the Nuclear Industry to innovate and build plants with modern technology.
  • Must meet our Peak Energy needs now with Coal and Hydro-Electric generation. The policies that have crippled these industries for the sake of advancing Green energy and climate change, must be paused. Green Energy must be advanced, but not at the sacrifice of National Security.
  • Must regain our manufacturing capabilities by repatriating the manufacturing that was shipped overseas. Our policies must reward those companies that manufacture here and hinder those that don’t.
  • Must remove the barriers that have been put in place since the 1980’s that shackle the mining industry. We must be able to mine ores at a level that meets our National Security needs.

Each passing day the Russian-Ukraine conflict drags on, and Europe is more concerned about Russia than Ukraine, brings us one day closer to a US involvement in a war we can’t win. Europe needs to give Russia a guarantee that it’s borders will not be invaded, but if they do not leave all Ukrainian provinces, the other European countries will push them out of Ukraine with force. That Russia will be removed from SWIFT, the UN Security Council, and the other World Organizations that allow a country to easily transact commerce and give it legitimacy on the world stage.

Joseph Fridlington, Candidate for Congress, 2nd District of Kansas